Live in the Moment

Every day ,I ensure I follow protocol.Sticking to the rules and being a favourite student of almost all teachers. I look at my friends and they’re always enjoying,laughing away reality and not following the school rules.I wanted to be like that…

But there’s always a leash that tags and holds me back when I do something .It’s either I choose to be a good girl that follow school rules or simply living in the moment.

Having to fulfill expectations ia a very hard thing to do because it’s either you do what you want or do what others want just to make them like you.

But I want to live in the moment.

So I tried fitting in and tried what my friends tried and it’s very exhausting because I feel at times its a wrong thing to do and ….well,I pretty much got used to it.

I started to not follow rules.The usual routine that I follow is thrown away and I turned out to be a bad individual.

So much for living in the moment .



Blonde , dark brown skin

Eyes scanning the entire room , looking for one main person

Ohh .. There he was. Heart beating very fast , terrified , screaming in the head , “What to do what to do ?  ? Its okay … Just act normal and pretend as of he’s not even there “. But I could just sense that he saw me. 

I straightened myself up and tried to act normal . He just said  ” Hi” but iit was so enchanting.  A strange spell that rasped my breath and heartbeat .. 

So enchanting …

Being Perfect

When I was growing up,  I never cared about what others said , trying to be perfect and being all well…. Just perfect. 

I was raised from a broken family , abondoned by a selfish mother and caught up amidst the society. My dad took me in with his new family and by then , I didn’t realise what was happening.  

The society neglected me and fixed me upon their stares whispering “Is she his illegitimate child? “.  I never bothered. 

And now , well I realized the truth , eventually and then I tried to be perfect and also in the process I lost myself …. 

I fixed myself up , trying to be the perfect daughter whatever … Because I thought it was the only thing to do in order to be accepted. 

Everyone tries to do the same thing .. To be ” perfect “  just to be part of something. 

But the truth is   …. No one is …